About us




To empower and support those in need to build themselves, their families, and community



To be HOPE DEALERS for the hungry, hurting, homeless and hopeless assisting families to grow stronger,

improving our community, and making an impact on future generations. 



First of all let me say that through God all things are possible. That may sound cliche but it is absolutely the truth! With hopes and dreams in our heart to help those in need Sabra Denson started an  outdoor food pantry at a local church that officially opened August 26th 2018. We put alot of work, money, and time into getting it off the ground and it started being utilized immediately. Within 2 days of stocking it packed full it was completely empty.  With an outcry to the community, someone else was helping to stock it. 


Our motto is " Leave what you can, TAKE what you need."


Our belief with this outdoor food pantry is to also provide a place for those that don't want to ask for help but truly need it. There is no requirements or regulations. (Other than no expired food please) For the most of us we all know what it is like to struggle and been at the end of payday and not know what to do next , dwindelling all our resources at hand. 


We want to help those that are hurting, hungry, homeless and hopeless. Hopeless in a sense that they have lost all hope. We want to be what I like to call HOPE DEALERS. Our goal is to build a stronger and more successful community by providing resources and tools to those that need them without the judgement or shame associated with asking for a helping hand. This lead us to creating expanding our food pantry to Helping Hands Community Foundation, realizing there is a much bigger need than just food. 


We are growing rapidly and now have a Board of Directors that all reside in Lincoln County. We received our official tax exempt status as a 501(c)3 in January 2019. Our next outdoor food pantry was placed at Caldwell's Heat & Air in Chandler and then at Kathy's Thrift Store in Stroud. We now have 3 more located at Kristin Ludi's Shelter Insurance in Meeker,  Davenport Clothing Closet on mainstreet, and at the Dorothy Smith Medical Clinic in Carney.  They have been very successful in feeding the hungry and helping those in need. This also builds such a strong sense of community when you as a member are able to give back.We continue to grow by being a resource for clothing, food, food boxes for children elderly and disabled, and many other things. We trust in God to lead us in every step so there are many things in the works that have been placed on our hearts. Please help support us, but let us know if you need help. 


(We are not associated with a specific church, just a group of Christian's trying to be better humans in offering hope to those that need it. We know what God has done for us and can do for you) #JourneyOfGrace